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Now introducing new Cimbria Sea models Chomex and True color sorters!

Nexeed equipment solutions is offering CIMBRIA Delta air screen cleaners, stoner, indent and gravity separators as well as CIMBRIA SEA optical color sorters for seed, grain, pulses and fusarium damaged crops. Call us to discuss how we can help improve your crop post-harvest. Seed Cleaning Equipment, Seed Processing equipment, Grain Cleaning Equipment and Grain Processing Equipment.

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Since 1993, Nexeed Inc., (previously named Cimbria Canada) has provided equipment solutions to Canadian seed and grain processors. Our customers include leaders in the seed, special crop, food, and grain processing industries across Canada.  Our customers rely on Nexeed for seed and grain cleaning, seed treating or seed coating equipment.   We help customers with everything from plant design to parts, service, and maintenance of older equipment.

Our product line focuses the Cimbria line of equipment. This includes the Cimbria Delta line of air and screen machines, Cimbria Heid HSR Indented Cylinders, GA Gravity Separators, and TS Dry Stoners, and the Cimbria SEA line of optical sorters, and material handling equipment.   Our offering goes beyond equipment supply as we now offer many of the items required to complete an installation such as equipment stands, operator platforms, hoppers and transitions.

Nexeed is based in Winnipeg, MB, and offers service across Canada.

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Canadian Cimbria dealer, Nexeed, installs State of the Art Processing Line in a Preserved Heritage Building

Seed cleaning equipment

Nexeed was engaged to assist in planning the installation, including process flow and efficient plant layout given the limited space and height offered by the existing building, as well as design of the stands and operator platforms required to create an operator level approximately 3 metres above the ground. The resulting facility is an interesting mix of West Canadian farm heritage meeting cutting edge technology.

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Nexeed Plant-in-a-box

Nexeed Seed Plant in a Box

The Nexeed Seed Plant in a Box is a complete turn-key solution.  The product is complete with Cimbria equipment, stands, platforms and conveying equipment.


Cimbria Delta Air / Screen Cleaners

Cimbria Delta Air / Screen Cleaners

The wide range of Cimbria Delta Air/Screen Cleaners ensures excellent efficiency and purity in the cleaning of all kinds of crops such as cereal grains, grass seed, corn, soybeans, lentils, peas, etc. Models range from 2.5 up to 25 TPH for seed Wheat.

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Cimbria Heid Indent Cylinder

Cimbria Heid Indent Cylinder

Each indent cylinder is 900 mm diameter and 2,000 to 4,000mm long allowing customers to replace multiple North American style indents with a single machine.

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De-stoners find their application mainly in the food processing sector and in the milling industry, but they are also used on the seed and special crops sector especially on products being harvested close to the ground.

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Gravity Separator

Gravity Separator

The Cimbria Gravity Separator is used for the separation of any kinds of kernels and granular products of almost identical size. The Gravity Separator is utilised when the limits of air-aspiration-systems as well as screening are reached.

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Seed Treating & Coating

Seed Treating & Coating

The Cimbria Heid Centricoater is designed for the application of coating value added seeds with costly seed treating materials. The system is a continuous batch operation utilizing a highly accurate inlet scale together with highly accurate chemical dosing systems controlled by a PLC.

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Cimbria SEA Optical Color Sorter

Cimbria SEA Optical Color Sorter

Optical Sorters are among the newest technology in seed and grain processing. This equipment separates particles based on color and is often found at or near the end of the processing line, after mechanical separations, to remove impurities of similar size and density.

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