The wide range of Cimbria Delta Air/Screen Cleaners ensures excellent efficiency and purity in the cleaning of all kinds of crops such as cereal grains, grass seed, corn, soybeans, lentils, peas, etc. Models range from 2.5 up to 25 TPH for seed Wheat.

Cimbria Delta Air / Screen Cleaners


• European craftsmanship, built to order in Thisted, Denmark
• Shaker feeder system with gentle handling and consistent feed rate
• Primary air separation with both velocity and volume adjustments
• Twin screen shoes in opposite rotation
• Flexible screen flow configuration for cleaning and grading in one pass
• Final air separation with air screen, velocity and volume adjustments
• Separate outlet hoppers for each screenings discharge


The Cimbria Delta Fine Cleaner is equipped with a full width final air screen at the discharge end along with both velocity and volume adjustments. The final air chamber is under negative air pressure provided by a Cimbria centrifugal fan, a cyclofan or remote fan. The Cimbria Delta Super Cleaner utilizes the same air screen and air volume control but the final vertical air chamber is under positive pressure provided by a dual bottom blast fan section and special air plenum. The fan speed and hood over the final air screen provides two velocity adjustments. The Super Cleaner is also equipped with an adjustable midlings chamber and separate discharge spout for the heavier and salvage portion of the air liftings. Both models use the identical shaker feeder system, primary aspiration chamber and flexible screen flow configuration. The difference is in the final air separation chamber. The Cimbria Delta Grader has a shaker feeder with dust control pick up point but no air sections. It is strictly used for grading and sizing.

For sure Nexeed and Cimbria can offer the suitable machine for your specific separation task.