Optical color sorter


Optical Sorters are among the newest technology in seed and grain processing. This equipment separates particles based on color and is often found at or near the end of the processing line, after mechanical separations, to remove impurities of similar size and density.

Cimbria SEA offers a complete range of optical sorters. Machines are available from one to seven chutes wide in both the True and Chromex models.  Technology range includes a simple monochromatic version, to bichromatic, NIR, InGaAs, RGB Full Color, and now Shape Sizing in the SEA Chromex.




Main Features Include:

European craftsmanship, designed and built in Imola, Italy

Windows based software with 15 inch touchscreen

Up to 16 different types of defects can be detected and removed in one pass

HSI system to display seed images, allowing the user easy set-up for rejecting based on color, defect size, and Shape-Sizing – separation of elements based on different geometric characteristics

Internet connectivity – allowing technician to work directly within the software from a remote location

Pressurized and air conditioned optical boxes preventing dust from entry to sensitive electronics

Local Service – Technical assistance available, based in Canada


SEA CHROMEX Exagon User Interface


Electronic Sorting

Colour sorting is necessary nowadays to ensure the best purity of bulk products, as well as ensuring that the strictest food hygiene and health requirements of end-products are met.

Utilizing top of the line Full-Colour RGB cameras, with optical resolution of 0.06 mm the SEA CHROMEX is able to determine and sort the smallest differences in colour or shade for your processing system. The combination of Full-Colour vision system with NIR and InGaAs technologies makes the SEA CHROMEX the most advanced vision-based sorter on market, representing the fruits of almost 50 years’ experience of colour sorting technology.

Excellent for all food and industrial processing systems, SEA CHROMEX reaps the benefits of the new EXAGON interface that makes setting and adjustment extremely simple.


SEA CHROMEX comes as the upgraded version of the SEA CHROME series, recognized on the global market as the best performing sorting machine using Full-Colour technology in combination with NIR and InGaAs cameras.

Cimbria SEA CHROMEX EXAGON User Interface

SEA CHROMEX provides the highest yield and quality. In addition, thanks to the new EXAGON graphic interface, setting and adjustment are now even simpler, faster and more intuitive.

The new graphical user interface improves the user experience, with more appealing graphics and simplified screens to allo even novice users to be able to set dedicated programs in a straightforward manner.

EXAGON allows the use of the same programs on multiple SEA CHROMEX machines, whilst enabling a single database and the rapid creation of efficient programs.

EXAGON offers different levels of difficulty accessible by password, depending on the operator’s preparation.


EXAGON allows data to be remotely retrieved from the color sorter on company networks, with the capability to create a database detailing production aspects such as the number of rejects. EXAGON has a customizable home page with widgets that the customer can change at any time according to needs.

SEA CHROMEX Applications

This equipment separates grains, cereals, seeds, pulses, coffee, nuts, plastics, and metals.

For full information on the SEA CHROMEX please click here.

Cimbria SEA Chromex Applications

This information and more can be found in our online resources Cimbria SEA CHROMEX Brochure .


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