Imperial Seed and Nexeed Inc. were recently featured in Cimbria's 2017/2018 Newsletter. Cimbria equipment in the plant includes three Delta 107 Super Cleaners, one Cimbria 184 de-awner, one Cimbria Heid GA210 and one Cimbria Heid GA310 gravity separator, and three Cimbria cyclofans.

Imperial Seed has been a Winnipeg-based operator in the global seed trade for over 60 years and is one of the longest tenured seed establishments in Canada. The company concludes contracts with Western Canadian growers for the production of a wide range of forage, turf and oat seed varieties. Imperial then processes, packages and distributes its seed product worldwide to customers in Asia, South America, Europe, New Zealand and, of course, within North America. The company has also maintained an accredited seed laboratory as part of its operation over the years.

Mark Metcalfe in the Cimbria Newsletter
Mark Metcalfe in the Cimbria Newsletter

Imperial Seed was based in a facility in the heart of the city of Winnipeg for over 60 years. The company’s original facility was a coal shed, repurposed for seed processing and storage.  Facilities at the site were expanded many times between the 1950s and 2016, evolving to increase storage and processing capabilities.

Following a change of ownership in 2008, renewed focus on growth led to the final extension of the facility that took place in 2012. This increased seed cleaning capacity approximately two-fold, thanks to the addition of a new Cimbria Delta 107 Super Cleaner.

Following the 2012 expansion and experiencing yet further growth, planning for a new facility in a new location commenced.

This would give Imperial the opportunity to use a piece of vacant property with access to all modes of transportation on the outskirts of Winnipeg, along with new, larger, state-of-the-art processing and storage capabilities. Imperial Seed President, Kurt Shmon, had great confidence in Cimbria based on equipment performance and local service, and wanted to explore what else Cimbria might be able to contribute to this project. Nexeed Inc., as Cimbria’s local dealer in Canada, was invited to the discussions with a view to broader adoption of Cimbria solutions throughout
the process flow. Nexeed was able to provide advice on process flow and plant layout during the planning phase.

The resultant facility has 1,300 square metres of indoor floor space for offices, seed laboratory, seed processing and warehouse storage. In particular, we note that there are three separate processing lines capable of cleaning a wide variety of seed types to the highest standard. Cimbria equipment in the plant includes a total of three Delta 107 Super Cleaners, one Cimbria 184 de-awner, one Cimbria Heid GA210 and one Cimbria Heid GA310 gravity separator, as well as three Cimbria cyclofans for air supply and dust separation. In-line seed conveying is handled by Cimbria EC5 bucket elevators and an RL3 drag conveyor. The design and supply of many of the machine stands and operator platforms shown in the photos were also contributed by Nexeed for the project. The plant was successfully commissioned late in 2017, allowing Imperial Seed the desired additional capacity as planned, as well as the opportunity to grow by adding to its current 1-shift or 2-shift per day schedule.