The Cimbria Heid Centricoater is designed for the application of coating value added seeds with costly seed treating materials. The system is a continuous batch operation utilizing a highly accurate inlet scale together with highly accurate chemical dosing systems controlled by a PLC.

The system provides improved seed coverage and a more uniform distribution of treatment materials on the seed as compared to traditional continuous operating drum type treaters.

Cimbria Heid CentriCoater

The heart of the Centricoater is the mixing chamber, consisting of a stainless cylindrical housing with rotating bottom (rotor). The seed is gently dropped from the continuous batch electronic scale into the chamber onto the rotor. This rotor moves the seed gently up to the stationary chamber side wall causing a folding of seed from outward to inward in the chamber. A spinning disk in the center of the mixing chamber, on which the treating materials are delivered from the PLC controlled dosing system, atomizes the liquid treating materials into the vertical seed layer. This provides a highly intensive uniform application of seed treatment material on each kernel of seed. All kinds of treating material, liquids and powders, can be applied effectively in this system.

Permanent process monitoring and data-logging by the Centricoaters PLC supports internal quality control as well as inventory management.


• European craftsmanship, made to order in Czech and Austria
• Weigh scale with electronic load cells
• Mixing chamber with batch sizes from 2 to 250kg
• Special adjustable mixing chamber paddles
• Central spinning disc for liquid
• Product contact areas are fabricated of stainless steel
• Electronically controlled feed and discharge gates
• PLC control system for total process automation

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