Gentle and precise grading of seed and cereals

Cimbria Heid Graders

Cimbria develops and manufactures a series of Cylindrical Screening machines for sorting and grading of seeds, cereals and various granular products.

The multiple contact of each kernel to the rotating screen guarantees highest accuracy in exact sorting tasks which are required mainly in maize and sunflower grading.

The single cylinders are built as self supporting steel constructions that can be joined in various configurations by means of a simple modular system so that a huge spectrum of sorting targets can be covered. By means of the modular systems, it is possible to realize 12 different sorting diagrams, always using only one drive motor for a complete battery.

Through the use of vibrating troughs, deflector boxes and discharge hoppers, gentle handling of the product and complete self emptying at the process-end are guaranteed.
Permanent screen cleaning is ensured by either rubber- or brush- rollers (depending on product) attached to the outside of the screening cylinders.

The product line is available in 3 models with capacities up to 22 t/h depending on the product.