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Effective extraction of dust

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What is a Cimbria Aspirator?

The Cimbria aspirator can be used both as a pre-cleaner and after-cleaner aspirator for the effective extraction of dust, glumes, etc. As a pre-cleaner, the aspirator reduces the dust emission in stores and during drying and cleaning.

Cimbria Aspirator

Aspirator CR is a so-called plan-aspirator where the material is distributed over the entire width of the machine falling freely towards the outlet under influence of a powerful air current. The thinly spread layer of grain together with a 1 m free fall gives the optimal possibilities for removing the impurities via the air current. In its standard design the machine should be equipped with the specially framed inlet part.

The Aspirator is an all steel machine. It is a very sturdy machine with no moveable parts. To obtain optimal performance the regulation valve is adjusted according to the working conditions. The machine is equipped with a window in the suction channel so it is possible to evaluate the volume of air. The outlet corresponds to Cimbria’s standard Q pipe system.

In connection with seed corn and malting barley the separating unit placed after an Aspirator CR 163 gives a very effective after suction, where dust and light/empty grain with the same size as the finished product, will be cleaned away.

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