Air: The Defining Feature of the Cimbria Delta Super Cleaner

Anytime I talk to a customer that has a Cimbria Delta Super Cleaner and I ask them what they think is its greatest attribute they always say its the air. For that reason I wanted to put together a summary of the points that I always go through with anyone that is looking for an explanation on this topic.

Cimbria Delta Super Cleaner

Inevitably whenever screen cleaners are being discussed what always comes into play is if the machine has pre suction (top air, aspiration, pre air) and whether it has after suction (bottom air, post suction). Not all screen cleaners are made equal, and here's why.

On the Cimbria Delta Super Cleaner we have a pre suction air separation and an after suction air separation. On the pre suction separation we also have an air velocity adjustment and on the after suction we have an air lifting hood adjustment as well as the bottom fan speed. For both of these separations we utilize a common air pickup on the top of the machine where the air will be exhausted and go to the facility dust collection.

Cimbria Delta Super Cleaner

For the pre suction air separation we are pulling air horizontally through a vertical stream of seed that is coming off of the shaker feeder (#1 on image below). This air then travels into the expansion chamber where the heavier and larger screenings are collected while the lighter dust will go out of the top of the machine (#2 on image below).

What makes this separation work so well is that the Cimbria Delta Cleaner has two adjustments that can be made to adjust how much we separate here. We have the ability with the air velocity plate to adjust the size of the gap we are pulling air through allowing us to increase or decrease the velocity with which the air is moving (#3 on image below). In addition we have a false air flap (pre suction on the control box) in the expansion chamber that allows us to increase or decrease the total volume of air that we are pulling through the grain (#4 on image below). The combination of these two settings allows for a very large window of adjustment as well as a very precise separation that we can accomplish.


For the after suction separation we have three different controls that we can use to adjust the separation. There is a false air flap (after suction on the control box) in the expansion chamber that controls the volume of air. (#5 on image below) We then also have an air lifting hood that can move up or down to adjust the distance of the hood from the seed, thus controlling the velocity of the air (#6 on image below). We also have the bottom fans that are blowing air up through the seed flow (#7 on image below).

So let's tie this all together and explain how it works. All of the clean seed is coming off of the last sizing separation, it then travels over the final air screen that is shaking with the shoe of the machine (#8 on image below).

This final air screen is a small wire mesh that seed cannot fall through. While the seed is passing over this final air screen there is air being blown up from the bottom fan. The combination of shaking screen and air pressure from the bottom causes this seed to fluidize similar to how a gravity table works. Once the seed is in this state the lighter seed will rise to the top of the seed layer, the top air suction then takes over and pulls the lighter material off and up. As this material moves up through the machine it hits a mid-way expansion chamber (#9 on image below), this allows the heavier foreign material of this portion of the separation to come out in what we call the middlings fraction. The material that comes out here is a smaller or lighter seed similar to a light separation on a gravity table. This quite often goes in with the screenings but can also be recovered depending on the market of the seed. The remainder of the separation travels up the end of the machine and into the expansion chamber to be settled out and discarded (#10 on image below). So again the Cimbria Delta Super Cleaner has multiple adjustments that can be made in order to make a very precise separation.


In summary, the Cimbria Delta Super Cleaner has both a pre suction and an after suction separation. Each of these separations has multiple adjustments that can be made in order to make a precise separation. This ability is always the number one thing that owners of this machine say separates it from all the others in the market.

If you want to get some more visuals of this explanation I have done a few youtube videos doing some walkthroughs and more in depth explanations of how the internals of the Cimbria Delta Super Cleaner work.

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