Cimbria DS1250 Drum Scalper

Working in the Seed Cleaning and Processing industry for a couple years now. One valuable tool in many process flows is The Cimbria DS1250 Drum Scalper.

A drum scalper is a machine designed to separate larger-sized materials, such as stones, sticks, pods, or clumps of soil, (I have even witnessed combine parts in a debris bin) from your commodity. It consists of a rotating cylindrical drum with perforated screens of specific sizes. The drum rotates allowing the crop to fall through at a high rate of speed with the larger items discharged out the end into a collection system or even a holding container.

A very common installation of a Cimbria DS1250 Drum Scalper is at receiving.

This scalp along with some good aspiration for dust, reduces (greatly in some crops) the amount of unwanted debris being held and wasting space in receiving bins.

Along with more efficient and cleaner storage (this should not be considered a minimal benefit, why store pods, sticks and straw in your raw bins?) is plant effectiveness. Often the Air/Screen machine is first in line, when your infeed has reduced foreign material your Air/Screen is going to be more efficient for quality and capacity. No matter how your plant is configured, having cleaner products coming in will be a benefit to the entire line.

The Cimbria DS1250 Drum Scalper
The Cimbria DS1250 Drum Scalper

Here are some key features and functions of the CIMBRIA DS1250 Drum Scalper:

  1. Drum Scalping: The machine utilizes a rotating drum with perforations that allow smaller particles to pass through while larger impurities are retained and discharged separately.
  2. Efficient operation: The screens are kept clean by flexible sheets that are mounted above the drum; the sheets push material stuck in the screen perforation back into the drum.
  3. Efficient Cleaning: It effectively removes oversized impurities such as stones, sticks, straw, clods, and other debris from the material flow, improving the overall quality of the processed material.
  4. Scalping Capacity: The specific capacity of the DS1250 Drum Scalper can vary, but it is designed to handle large volumes of material, making it suitable for high-capacity.
  5. Versatility: The machine is versatile and can be used for various applications, including processing pulses, cereals, oilseeds.
  6. Dust Control: horizontal airflow below the drum, which collects dust and fine particles from the product.options to connect external dust collectors, helping to maintain a clean working environment.
  7. Robust Construction: CIMBRIA is known for manufacturing durable and reliable equipment, and the DS1250 Drum Scalper is built with sturdy materials to withstand heavy-duty usage.
The Cimbria DS1250 Drum Scalper

Example of an install at receiving, commodity is dumped in a pit and elevated to this Cimbria DS1250 then conveyed to raw bin storage before its further cleaned in the plant.

The Cimbria DS1250 Drum Scalper
The Cimbria DS1250 Drum Scalper

Meeting customers on site and following the seed from receiving to shipping is a great way to learn the how’s. I often ask why? In regards to customers that have the Cimbria DS1250 it was a solution to a problem. The problem ranges from the bridging of pods in storage to products entering the plant with too high of foreign material.

Customer satisfaction in these cases is high, the Cimbria DS1250 was a good solution. I have heard positive customer comments on ease of use and reliability. Nexeed Inc is the supplier for Cimbria products in Canada. Myself as Territory Manager for the Saskatchewan market work to assist and offer solutions throughout the Seed and grain processing industry. If you have had challenges similar to some described here the Cimbria DS1250 could be the solution.

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