A Color Sorting Expert by your side… in Ontario!

Meet Bob Salnykov, one of Nexeed Inc.'s Master Optical Sorter technicians. Bob is commissioning a new Cimbria SEA TN, a five-chute sorter that was just installed at a soybean processing facility in Ontario to increase the line's capacity. The pre-existing older SEA Truer, a 4-chute sorter, was removed and reinstalled at another site the customer operates.

Bob Salnykov Master Optical Sorter technicians

One of the most important aspects of owning a Cimbria SEA sorter is the fact that Nexeed can dispatch our in-house sorter technicians to the site or can diagnose problems and help customers set up new recipes for hard-to-sort products through the "remote support" functionality. Our technicians can "dial in" and see everything that is going on with the sorter and adjust accordingly if needed.

Nexeed also has current models of Cimbria SEA sorters operating in our Lab at headquarters in Headingley, Manitoba, where customers can send us their troublesome products for our experts to run the product and come up with the best recipe/sorting solution.

Shortly after this startup, with Bob’s magic and experience, the rejected hand sample is as shown. This CIMBRIA SEA TN sorter is equipped with RGB and NIR cameras to provide optimum rejects with minimal good product loss.

CIMBRIA SEA TN sorter is equipped with RGB and NIR cameras to provide optimum rejects with minimal good product loss

As the Ontario Territory Manager for Nexeed Inc., I’m proud to be able to take pictures like this, as I know how valuable our hands-on service and support is to the customer, increasing uptime and quality while reducing downtime in the plant. Decades of experience with optical sorters, as well as the other peripheral equipment in the plant, enables our team to provide high-performance solutions for the customer.

This particular installation shows the value of Cimbria SEA Sorter simplicity and commonality of design. It was an easy swap, as the frame size, input, and output channels were the same dimensions. The customer had the opportunity to either upgrade the existing 4-chute unit to a 5-chute, immediately increasing capacity, or replace the entire machine with one containing the latest technology, allowing even better separation of unwanted particles for food-grade requirements.

As mentioned earlier, the preexisting Cimbria SEA, 4-chute machine was moved to another location, replacing another brand of optical sorter that was at its "end of life" cycle. The customer knows the SEA unit will give many more years of serviceable performance in its new home.

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