Bob Salnykov of Nexeed Inc.
Bob Salnykov

Bob Salnykov Service Support Engineer

"I Acted as a core team member of a $170M oats production start-up team, ensured members understood their roles, demonstrated the value of their responsibilities, providing actionable feedback while focusing on improvement and encouragement, achieved sustainable 10 ppm target for the gluten-free production process."

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Bob is a production operations and maintenance expert in the seed and grain production industry; a dedicated project manager, employee development expert, Six Sigma Green Belt and people leader with a track record for safety, quality, and continuous improvements.

His experience includes a Plant Operations Manager position at DuPont Pioneer. Highlights of his career include construction and commissioning of a state-of-the-art seed production plant, building a winning team, and management of capital projects.

Bob values learning from those around him, and views continuous learning as a key in his professional development.

Bob Salnykov

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Bob Salnykov of Nexeed Inc.
Bob Salnykov
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Nexeed 5 star rating
We are fully running and the only thing I can say is I should have had this machine 8 years ago. Fantastic running unit and the air system in this machine is second to none. We are cleaning oriental mustard at this moment and it is doing great. It was good to see Gary here yesterday also. At this time absolutely pleased. We hope this machine will give us years of service and good results. Thanks for your service.

- Richard Boire | Westland Agro Ltd.
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