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Cimbria DS 1250 Drum Scalper

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What is a Cimbria DS 1250 Drum Scalper?

The Cimbria Drum Scalper has been developed for heavy-duty coarse cleaning of grain, seed and other products.  The screen area separates coarse impurities and foreign material such as pods, stones, large pieces of straw, corn cobs, etc. The efficiency of the screen is supported by the horizontal airflow below the drum, which collects dust and fine particles from the product.

Drum Scalper by Cimbria

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Inlet and Screen Flow

The drum scalper is used for pre-cleaning of dry bulk materials.

Material is fed into the machine through the top of the inlet. It then falls through the inlet down to a baffle plate, which guide it into the drum. Flow rate through the inlet can be controlled by manually adjusting the speed reducer.

The drum rotates to facilitate the cleaning process. Smaller elements are able to pass through the drum screens. Elements that are too large to drop through the drum screens are carried to the end of the drum and discharged.

The helical blade, which is fitted inside the drum close to discharge end,  prevents rebounding elements from discharging before they are processed.

Drum Scalper Screen Flow

[1] Incoming Material

[2] Speed Reducer

[3] Baffle Plate

[4] Drum Screen #1

[5] Drum Screen #2

[6] Dust Extraction Unit

[7] Cleaned Material

[8] Coarse Material

[9] Helical blade

Material which has passed through the screens falls past the dust extraction unit as it is discharged. The dust extraction unit pulls air through the falling material to extract fine particles. Airflow can be regulated by adjusting the air velocity plates in the outlet, and by adjusting the air flaps and false-air intake in the dust extraction pipe.

The screens are kept clean by flexible sheets that are mounted above the drum; the sheets push material stuck in the screen perforation back into the drum.

Drum scalper unit

[1] Air Intake, side

[2] Clean material

[3] Light particles

[4] Deflector Plate

[5] Air velocity plates

[6] Air flaps

[7] Dust extraction pipe

[8] False-air intake (side)

[9] False-air intake (top)

[10] Flexible sheets

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