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Nexeed has moved to Headingley, Manitoba to provide even better grain processing equipment & seed processing equipment solutions.

What is a Belt Conveyor?

The Cimbria belt conveyors are ideal for gentle horizontal conveying of bulk materials such as oil seeds, pulses, and cereals etc. The belt conveyor is self-emptying with minimum wear & energy consumption. Various models and sizes are available based on materials being conveyed and the required capactity. Nexeed can help determine the needs for your setup.

Gentle Horizontal Conveying. Capacities up to 4000 cubic meters per hour.

The belt conveyors are manufactured in a modular system and can be delivered in the exact required length along with optional equipment. This can include a discharge car, top and bottom cover, oil resistant belt, multiple inlet points etc. The belt conveyor is as standard supplied in galvanized execution.

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Cimbria Type GT Belt Conveyor

Cimbria type GT belt conveyor is designed for the continuous conveying of loose bulk materials, such as grains, pulses and pellets.

This conveyor consists of galvanized curved plates, bolted.

The machine uses a troughed belt to move the material from the loading point to the unloading point.

The conveyor can be arranged for horizontal or inclined travel, the angle of slope depending on the conveyed material and the type of belt. It can be configured for reversible operation.


  • Solid drive pulley with/without rubber lagging or ´3M´ lagging
  • Trailing pulley with slide plates
  • Return idlers
  • Troughed belt
  • Carrying idlers for belt
  • Tripper, manually or motorized, data sheet 102.03.101


  • Parallel shaft helical gearmotor, hollow shaft
  • Gearmotor mounted on right or left hand side as specified
  • Helical bevel gearmotor, hollow shaft (optional)


  • Rotation sensing.
  • Bearing heat sensing (optional)
  • Pull cord operated emergency stop (optional)
  • Misalignment detectors (optional)
  • Tripper position sensing (optional)


  • Inlet modules
  • Outlet with belt scraper
  • Equipotential bonding of shafts
  • Brush
  • Belt weigher
  • Top and bottom covers for intermediate section
  • Weight tension (>100 m)
  • Support system; data sheet 102.03.100
Nexeed Cimbria Canadian exclusive dealer
We are honored to be one of the many dealers for Cimbria and the exclusive dealer for the Canadian market!

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