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What is a Cimbria De-awner?

The Cimbria De-awners are specifically designed for treatment of malting barley, seed grain and all other seed varieties.

Cimbria De-awners are employed mainly for de-awning of barley, breaking clusters of beet seed and for surface polishing of grains and vegetable seeds thereby improving the appearance and increasing the bushel weight.

Cimbria De-Awner & Brush Machine




The inclusion of a De-awner with its cluster breaking action will greatly improve the performance of subsequent machines in the cleaning system. The de-awning process is usually carried out before cleaning based upon the quality and type of grain or seed and the required quality of the finished product.

Cimbria Brush Machines are suitable for handling grass seeds and clovers, and separating double grasses. It is likewise used for removing the hairy tails from the germ end of oats.

The brush machines are designed in a modular system and available with up to 4 cylinders. The last digit on the data sheet indicates the number of cylinders which may be arranged in series or in parallel. The cylinders are equipped with four heat resistant brushes which sweep the inner surface of the wire mesh basket. Each cylinder basket consists of a two part easily interchangeable mesh and is available in various materials and perforations.

All types of Cimbria brush machines are totally enclosed, dust proof, and provided with aspirator spout for connection to the general dust collecting system or to a separate fan and cyclone.

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Cimbria De-Awner
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