BoMill Insight

Change your focus from bulk averages to single kernel sorting.

Segregate grain batches into quality fractions based on inner properties.

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What is BoMill Insight Protein Separator Equipment?

By sorting all individual kernels in a batch of grains based on protein content, BoMill InSight improves process efficiency and strengthens quality assurance. BoMill unlocks the full value of each kernel making every grain count.

  • Control product protein
  • Remove kernels highly contaminated with fusarium
  • Divide your grain into two homogeneous fractions
  • From average to accurate

BoMill InSight is a unique individual grain sorting solution, based on NIT technology, able to take advantage of quality variation within bulk of grains.

  • Accurate analysis of grain inner properties using NIR transmittance (NIR-T)
  • Individual grain sorting at an industrial scale up to 15 TPH (125,000 kernels/second)
  • Crops: Wheat, Barley
  • Modular and compact design for easy installation

BoMill Insight - Protein Separator

Segregate grain batch, at industrial speed, on grains’ inner qualities such as protein content or fusarium contamination.

Produce homogeneous batches of grain to improve process efficiency and strengthen quality assurance.

BoMill Insight - Protein Separator

BoMill - Adds more value to your grain

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