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About Nexeed Inc.

Nexeed Equipment Solutions
Nexeed has been providing grain processing equipment & seed processing equipment solutions since 1993 across Canada.

Nexeed Winnipeg Staff

We make every project a success through best-in-class equipment, expert design planning and 360 support.

Since 1993,  Nexeed Inc (formerly Cimbria Canada) has been providing equipment solutions to Canadian seed and grain processors. Our customers include leaders in seed cleaning, seed treating, seed coating, special crop cleaning and processing including lentils, peas, mustard, canary seed, grass and forage seeds, soybeans, edible beans, corn, flax, wheat, barley, oats, sunflowers, and many other products grown in Canada.

Nexeed is dedicated to helping our customers plan, design, build, or upgrade and service their seed or grain processing plants. 

Our product line continues to include the Cimbria line of equipment. This includes the Cimbria Delta line of air and screen machines, Cimbria Heid HSR Indented Cylinders, GA Gravity Separators, and TS Dry Stoners, and the Cimbria SEA line of optical sorters. Nexeed also supports other Cimbria products including Cimbria conveying equipment and the Moduflex dust controlled loading spout.

What We Are About...

We have been helping grain and seed processors succeed for 25 years!  Our team has farm roots and is committed to delivering client satisfaction.

Our principles are simple and have not changed since 1993.

  • Our Customer always come first.
  • We concentrate on solutions, not just products.
  • We always meet our commitments to our customers.
  • We believe in earning your trust.

We are the exclusive Canadian distributor of Cimbria equipment.  This illustrates our Nexeed know-how and combines perfectly with Cimbria's commitment to quality.

Our know-how and quality seed & grain processing equipment allows us to create customized seed, grain, and food processing solutions.  Our project success is based on top-quality equipment, expert design planning and 360° support.

Our Team of Experts

Sales, Service, and Experience

Mark Metcalfe of Nexeed Inc.

Mark Metcalfe


Rod Cockerline of Nexeed Inc.

Rod Cockerline

Vice President Sales

Dennis Roth of Nexeed Inc Winnipeg

Dennis Roth

Territory Manager - Ontario

Ryan Flyode of Nexeed Inc Alberta

Ryan Floyde

Territory Manager - Alberta

Greg Coulter of Nexeed Inc Saskatchewan

Greg Coulter

Territory Manager - Saskatchewan

Garry Hamilton of Nexeed Inc Winnipeg

Garry Hamilton

Technical Services Manager

Nexeed Optical Sorter Technician

Bob Salnykov

Optical Sorter Technician

Nexeed Partner - A-Post Metal Fabrication

Brent Metcalfe

President A-Post Aluminum Fabricators

Nexeed Inside Sales

Vince Morran

Inside Sales

Nexeed Head Office

Barb Ford

Administrative Assistant

Nexeed's on-demand sales & service team is here to help! We offer flexibilty to build your processing experience EXACTLY how you want it. From the right equipment to asistance in planning, contracting, installation, and setup.

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About Nexeed

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Rod Cockerline of Nexeed Inc.
Rod Cockerline
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Mark Metcalfe of Nexeed Inc.
Mark Metcalfe
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Watch this video to see Cimbria equipment in action!

Thank you Pitura Seeds for sharing this video!
Nexeed 5 star rating
We are fully running and the only thing I can say is I should have had this machine 8 years ago. Fantastic running unit and the air system in this machine is second to none. We are cleaning oriental mustard at this moment and it is doing great. It was good to see Gary here yesterday also. At this time absolutely pleased. We hope this machine will give us years of service and good results. Thanks for your service.

- Richard Boire | Westland Agro Ltd.
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