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Nexeed Equipment Solutions
Nexeed Inc. has been providing grain cleaning equipment & seed processing equipment solutions since 1993 across Canada.

What is a Pre-Cleaner or Screen Cleaner?

Screen Cleaners are essential grain cleaning equipment.

The wide range of Cimbria Screen Cleaners ensures excellent efficiency and purity in the cleaning of all kinds of crops such as grain, garden seeds, grass seeds, flower seeds, corn and leguminous seeds.

Depending on the cleaning task, the Cimbria product range offers a number of screen cleaners for pre-cleaning, fine cleaning and grading. Sophisticated feeding systems guarantee uniform feeding of the screens across the entire working width.

Real World Grain & Seed Processing Solutions

Cimbria Delta Pre-Cleaners and Screen Cleaners at Nexeed Inc!

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Cimbria Delta Cleaner
Cimbria Delta Fine Cleaner Brochure

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Cimbria Delta Pre-Cleaner Features

Cimbria develops and manufactures solutions for pre-cleaning of all cereals, corn, canola, peas and similar products before drying or storage. Pre-cleaning differs from drum cleaning in the way that this process also is able to separate smaller particles using sifting screens.

Pre, Combi and Mega Cleaners have capacities ranging from 7.5 to 360t/h. All these cleaners have effective pre-suction and after suction systems for separation of light products such as chaff, straw, light grain, pods, etc.

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Nexeed Equipment Solutions
Nexeed supports & services all the equipment we sell. We are a full-solution provider.

Additional Nexeed Equipment

Nexeed equipment solutions is offering CIMBRIA Delta air screen cleaners, stoner, indent and gravity separators as well as CIMBRIA SEA optical color sorters for seed, grain, and food processing. Seed Cleaning Equipment, Seed Processing Equipment, Grain Cleaning Equipment and Grain Processing Equipment.

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Cimbria Equipment

Cimbria SEA Optical Color Sorter

Color Sorter

Cimbria SEA Optical Color Sorter
SEA Chromex & SEA True

Indent Cylinder Separator

Indent Cylinder Separator

Cimbria Heid HSR Indent Cylinder Separator

Grain Seed Pre-Cleaner or Screen Cleaner

Pre-Cleaner | Screen Cleaner

Cimbria Delta Pre-Cleaner


Gravity Separator

Cimbria Heid Gravity Separator

De-Stoner or Dry Stoner

De-Stoner | Dry Stoner

Cimbria Heid De-Stoner

Indent Cylinder Separator

Seed Treating & Coating

Cimbria Centricoater

Cyclofan at Nexeed

Highly Efficient Dust Separation

Cimbria Cyclofan

Conveyors at Nexeed

Conveyor Machines

Cimbria Conveyance Solutions

Schule Equipment

Scule at Nexeed

Schule Equipment

Schule Milling Solutions

BoMill Equipment

BoMill at Nexeed

BoMill Insight

Protein Separator

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