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Cimbria Heid Gravity Separator

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What is a Gravity Separator?

The Gravity Separator is used for the separation of any kinds of kernels and granular products with nearly the same size according to the specific weight. The size of the kernels is normally between 0,5 mm (fine seeds) and 20mm (e.g. beans).

The product processed by the Gravity Separator is separated into layers with different specific weight according to the ”fluid bed” principle.

The fluid bed is built up due to the linear motion of the eccentric drive and the air which is blown through the wire mesh or textile cloth. This separation gives a spectrum from light (red colour) to heavy material (green colour). Due to the conveying system and the inclination of the deck the light material in the top layer moves down to the low side (red colour) and heavy material in the bottom layer moves up to the high side of the deck (green colour).

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Cimbria Heid Gravity Separator

Cimbria Heid Gravity Separator Features

The Cimbria Heid Gravity Separator is used for the separation of any kinds of kernels and granular products of almost identical size. The Gravity Separator is utilised when the limits of air-aspiration-systems as well as screening are reached. However, the Gravity Separator does not substitute those foregoing sorting steps, but it is an additional piece of equipment for separating more exactly according to the specific weight

  • European craftsmanship, built to order in Stockerau, Austria
  • Rectangular deck construction
  • Aluminum cross rib deck construction with Maximizer deck configuration
  • Quick release handles for deck to machine body
  • Fully adjustable discharge flap design on both discharge sides of deck
  • Patented counterbalanced main eccentric drive
  • Adjustable deck slope
  • Adjustable deck tilt
  • Level sight indicators for slope and tilt
  • Fully sealed air chamber
  • Honeycomb air diffusion system

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