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What is a Cimbria Cyclofan?

The Cimbria Cyclofan is a combination of a fan and dust separator in a single machine. It is very easy to install, is space saving and offers the remote air for cleaners, de-stoners and dust hoods with good dust control.

Cyclofan for Grain cleaning


• European craftsmanship, built to order in Thisted, Denmark
• Varifan inlet
• Internal air skimmer
• Mini-cyclone with air recycle and rotary air lock

Within most processes of industrial grain handling, controlled aspiration of air is a must for efficient operation: Conveying equipment must be kept at negative pressure to ensure minimum dust pollution; cleaning equipment must have efficient aspiration to perform satisfactorily; and grain dryers must have reliable fan systems with high capacities to meet customer demands for economical drying.

Cimbria has developed a full range of aspiration fans, comprising both well-known Cyclofan technology and a range of non-dust-separating axial fans.

The Cimbria Cyclofan ensures better separation than other dust separating fans with the same energy consumption. To minimise dust emissions even further, Cimbria has developed and patented the Cimbria Super Cyclofan, the most effective dust separation fan in the range.

The Cimbria fan range also includes the Cimbria ACG axial fan, a simple solution for applications that do not require dust separation.

Optimum air volume is ensured via our air volume adjustment – Varifan – which is installed on all our fans and enables step-less adjustment of the air volume and a proportional reduction in energy consumption.

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Cimbria Cyclofan
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