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Cimbria Heid HSR Indent Cylinder Separator

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What is an Indent Cylinder Separator?

All over the world, the Cimbria indented cylinder separators have been delivered and are operating successfully. A large number of worldwide patents justify high research and development expenditure and indicate the high technological standards of this equipment and machines.

Cimbria manufactures machines in series production which enables Cimbria to guarantee short delivery times. Before each machine is delivered, it must pass several specific quality controls to ensure the highest quality standards and a long service life.

The indent cylinder is used for grading by length all granular materials such as wheat, oats, fine seeds, lentils, for separating stalks from sunflower and beet seeds and for separating unwanted long or short product impurities. The size of grains can vary between 1.0 mm and 24 mm.

Depending on the required grading the incoming product is sorted according to roundness or length.

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Cimbria Heid HSR Indent Cylinder Separator

Indent Cylinder Construction and Function

The product passes from the inlet housing into the interior of the rotating cylinder, the cover of which is provided with impressed pockets or so-called indents.

The grains that embed themselves in the indents are carried, and after a certain distance, fall out of the pockets into the trough (yellow arrows) and are discharged by a screw conveyor. All grains which are larger than the indents remain inside the shell and are carried to the outlet where the shell empties into the outlet casing (green arrows).

Depending on the required grading, the incoming product is sorted according to roundness or length.

Main Features

  • European craftsmanship, built to order in Stockerau, Austria
  • Robust design
  • Modular design
  • Each indent cylinder is 900 mm diameter and 2,000 to 4,000mm long allowing customers to replace multiple North American style indents with a single machine
  • Indent segments fabricated from 2.5mm steel, three times the thickness of most North American style cylinders
  • Cylinder is four piece sectional assembly and change out the side of the machine
  • Indent pocket design is teardrop or spherical style for more precise picking
  • Integral sample outlets with dust tight covers for liftings and tailings
  • Totally enclosed construction for safety and dust control
  • Shaft mounted gear reducer drive with direct flange mount motor
  • Maintenance free support bearings

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