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Nexeed has been providing grain processing equipment & seed processing equipment solutions since 1993 across Canada.

Optical Color Sorter Technology for Seed and Grain Processing

Explore the Cutting-Edge World of Optical Color Sorters with Cimbria SEA

Optical color sorters represent the pinnacle of technology in the seed and grain processing industry. These state-of-the-art machines play a crucial role in enhancing the purity of bulk products by efficiently separating particles based on color. In Canada, where quality standards and strict health requirements are paramount, optical sorters have become indispensable in the final stages of processing.

Cimbria SEA stands out as a leading provider of optical sorters, offering a comprehensive range designed to meet diverse needs. Our machines, available in models ranging from one to seven chutes wide, include the IQ Plus, TN and CX series. The multispectral vision system employs RGBN cameras to scan both the visible and invisible spectrum. The all-new IQ Plus optical system features a set of cameras with integrated RGB, NIR, and SWIR or UV.

Why Choose Cimbria SEA Optical Sorters in Canada?

  1. Precision Technology: Our optical sorters leverage state-of-the-art technology to accurately segregate particles using color, near-infrared, InGaAs, short-wave infrared, or ultraviolet methods ensuring the removal of impurities after mechanical separations.

  2. Versatile Options: With models ranging from one to seven chutes wide and a variety of technological features, Cimbria SEA provides versatile solutions to meet the unique requirements & capacities of seed and grain processing in Canada.

  3. Compliance with Standards: Color sorting has become essential to meet the strict seed quality, food hygiene and health requirements of end-products. Cimbria SEA's optical sorters are designed to ensure compliance with CSA Certification.

  4. Setting the Shape: The separation of elements based on their geometry is possible thanks to the shape sizing integrated function. (IQ Plus)

Elevate your seed, grain and food processing efficiency with Cimbria SEA's Optical Color Sorter technology. Contact Nexeed today to explore the right solution for your processing needs in Canada.

How do color sorters work?

Curious about how color sorters work? Let's delve into the technology behind the SEA Colour Sorters, a revolutionary vision-based sorter tailored for Canadian processing systems.

In-Feed System

  • SEA.TN comprises four independent sections for seamless operation.
  • Smooth surfaces facilitate optimal infeed into the inspection unit.

Vision System

  • High-resolution full-color RGBN smart cameras with 0.06 mm optical precision.
  • The image processing system compares objects to customized accept or reject parameters, ensuring optimal results.

Ejecting System

  • Precision is guaranteed with rapid-firing ejectors, ensuring accurate expulsion and concentrated rejects.


  • Easily replaceable electronic boards organize SEA.TN hardware.
  • Self-diagnosis and self-calibration functions maintain consistent sorting performance.
  • On-board storage for multiple custom sorting recipes.
  • USB port available for program backup.


  • Pressurized and conditioned optical boxes prevent dust ingress.
  • Airtight structure prevents dust and product outflow.
  • Convenient product collection and sampling.
  • Standard color: RAL 9003. Customized colors or stainless steel available upon request.
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Cimbria Optical Color Sorters

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