Indented Cylinder Separator

Length Grading of all Granular Materials

Leaving the farm equipment industry and entering the seed cleaning/processing industry has pushed me to learn new things. Following the seed through the plant and understanding what the owners does has been a focus in my first year with Nexeed as Territory Manager for Saskatchewan.

Long separation

Visiting seed growers of multiple generations I often saw or heard of the time when the Indent separation was first in the plant. I also have been told of changing the flow to have a Cimbria Delta Air/Screen first in line followed by Cimbria Heid indents, some Nexeed know-how and advice from Nexeed has often spurred this positive change.

An indent cylinder has a straight-forward job in length grading, including wheat, oats, barley, lentils, and fine seeds.

Through the inlet housing, the granular material to be graded flows into the interior of the rotating cylinder. The cover is equipped with special deep-drawn teardrop or spherical-shaped pockets for the most precise length separation.

Less is more: Cimbria Heid indent cylinders are 36” diameter and are available in lengths consisting of 2M 2.5M 3M and 4M. This large diameter cylinder means you can accomplish a round over long using just two indents at a high rate of accuracy and capacity. Changing segments and cleaning out two machines vs several.

Simplicity: With a round over long separation, product flows into the inlet end of your top cylinder then clean flows out the discharge end of your bottom cylinder. Long over long or round over round in series or parallel are also simple. Many of the small diameter indents on the market require a splitting cylinder to accomplish high rates or a complex flow of percentages into multiple cylinders with multiple settings.

Long separation

At a recent commissioning of a Cimbria Heid 12010 Round grain, removing these chips and cracks was achieved with good trough angle and speed setting.

Checking the Separation

Check separation
Check separation

The Indented Cylinder Separator is equipped with two large inspection windows on the outlet side. This enables the operator to check the correct setting of the separator during operation, with no riskof accident. Samples can be taken at any time without physical hazard to the operator from the two openings below the windows.

Please reach out to one of the Nexeed Territory Managers for more info!

Greg Coulter of Nexeed Inc.
Greg Coulter

Territory Manager - Saskatchewan

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