Is a Gravity Table still necessary in a Processing Line?

"With Advancements in technology, is a Gravity Table still necessary in a Processing Line?"

This question was asked to me at a recent farm show and I have been giving it some thought. “What is the end product you desire?" would need to be answered, along with what commodities? Thinking of the possible answers to this I would respond yes, it's a vital precision tool in the Seed and food industry!

When considering the technology aspect to the above question it is the color sorter that was being referenced. If low density kernels of the similar size, shape and color are a problem (they usually are) then your best tool in the processing line is your Gravity Table.

I referred to the Gravity Separator as a precision tool, Cimbria Heid has put extensive research and development into precision with the Cimbria Heid GA series over decades of manufacturing a Gravity Separator or Table with extensive testing and applied engineering to the air distribution system. To get a clean and precise separation, stratification is needed, also referred to as a fluid bed.

The fluid bed principle allows for precise separation of particles with very similar sizes but different densities. The process takes advantage of the fact that the air flow carries the lighter unwanted particles upward, while the heavier particles sink, resulting in the formation of distinct layers within the bed.

Gravity table fluid bed

Please take a few minutes to view this video on our website. It's not only informative on the Cimbria Heid design, it's a good tool to use with operators or new employees to understand the principle of the Gravity Separator.

Cimbia Heid accomplishes this precision with a well designed system.

  • Bottom Fan controlled by a VFD amd dampeners, so the operator is able to easily fine tune seed stratification across the table.
  • Honey Combs along with an Air Distribution Layer that has been engineered to allow a variable and desired air pattern below the deck.
    Honey Combs along with an Air Distribution Layer
  • Stratification Pins a are an intricate part of creating a separation allowing heavy material to find the deck with Riffles to push heavy clean product up the inclined deck

Gravity Table Stratification Pins

Along with proper air and deck angles it's amazing to see the lights get separated out. Working with customers in different commodities has different challenges. I like the saying Easy to see = Easy to set. A good line of sight to the seed flow across the Deck is very important. As you make adjustments you see the change and can make improvements. When quality is your target you should have an adjustment range and precision tool in your line to get that quality.

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