Cimbria Conveyance: What's New?

Design and conveyance of plants for horizontal seed and grain movement have offered plant owners various options over the years. The most common methods include screw-style, chain, or belt conveyors, with vibrating or jog conveyors gaining popularity in recent times. Nexeed has been a reliable supplier of Cimbria solutions for both redesigns and new builds. Cimbria specializes in designing and constructing conveyance systems tailored to the commodities you handle, ensuring the capacity meets your specific requirements.

Vertical conveyance in most designs typically involves a standard bucket elevator. Similar to its horizontal counterpart, it is customized for the specific commodities and capacity you need. However, the overall design of vertical conveyance has remained fairly standard for an extended period. One limitation of this design is its height, consistently lifting the product higher than required to achieve the necessary flow or drop to the subsequent piece of equipment in line. In the provided example, the standard bucket elevator proves to be a suitable choice.

Cimbria conveyance systems

What if you're limited in height in your plant or need gentle handling ?

Perhaps you have to span a wide area horizontal distance at an elevated height? The unique modular design makes it possible to manufacture the perfect elevator for your specific application.

Line with Pendulum Cimbria conveyance systems

The PBE Pendulum Bucket Elevator is not a new invention, they have been around for quite awhile.  However in Western Canada as we work with more value added and higher value seed, grain or ingredients, more attention is focused on quality and efficiency.

PBE Pendulum Bucket Elevator maintains the buckets in a horizontal position throughout the entire vertical transport process. This design choice could have several advantages and applications.

This design will ensure a more controlled and gentle handling of the bulk materials being transported. Here are some potential benefits:

Minimizes the chances of material spillage and ensures a smoother transfer of materials between the feeding and discharging points.

Reduced Impact: The horizontal orientation of the buckets helps reduce the impact of the material as it enters and exits the buckets, contributing to less wear and tear on the conveyed material.

Consistent Material Flow: Horizontal positioning of the buckets maintains a more consistent and controlled flow of materials during the lifting process.

Minimized Dust Emission: less of a drop is not only gentle it creates less dust emission, improving cleanliness.

Also as I had touched on earlier the Traditional Bucket elevator does a great job lifting product vertically. When a lateral distance is presented an angel drop in a pipe or a horizontal option up high or on  the floor is added.   With a PBE up and over can be achieved with a single piece of equipment.

As this illustration shows, the PBE can be configured to fit your application.

PBE Configuartion Cimbria conveyance systems

In conclusion, flexibility is valuable, and having the appropriate equipment to incorporate into a design can result in time and cost savings. At Nexeed, we are pleased to collaborate with you to analyze your flow and provide tailored recommendations.

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