Cimbria Delta 142.2 Pre-Cleaner - Big Utility in a Small Package

In a seed cleaning operation every machine has its job; we have width, length, density and visual separations. So what does a pre-cleaner bring to the table? Putting an additional machine in front of the whole line gives a few benefits. It gives you an additional aspiration of the grain (we all know you can't have too much air in a cleaning line). It keeps larger items like wrenches, cell phones and sticks from getting into the next machines and causing damage. It takes a large cut of foreign material out of the seed before it sees the next machine in line which lets you dial in your settings on subsequent machines more precisely. Lastly, it increases the capacity of your facility.

Delta 142.2 Side View

The cimbria Delta 142.2 has two air aspirations on the machine. We have our initial aspiration that occurs as the seed is being fed onto the screens, the shaker feeder(2) provides an even flow of seed and the air comes horizontally through the seed. As always we have both our velocity plate adjustment(4) here as well as a separate volume adjustment(13). This allows for more fine tuning if required. Our post air as with all Cimbria Delta’s works by having the seed flow over the final air screen(8) horizontally and air is sucked through the seed flow vertically and up to the expansion chamber. On the post air we also have a velocity adjustment(9) and a volume adjustment available(11).

Delta 142.2 Seed Flow Diagram

The general flow of the machine provides a very coarse scalp on a single screen initially(1), this is typically a large square wire mesh screen. This is the screen that will get rid of very large foreign material. From here it travels through onto a smaller scalping deck(2). This deck would be larger than your fine cleaner later in the line but smaller than the wire mesh on top. Here we would do a fast aggressive scalp to remove a large portion of the larger foreign material. Once it passes through this scalp deck it will fall onto the sifting decks (3&4). These sifting decks with sift in parallel and provide the same size sifting as the fine cleaner later in the line.

In essence this machine gives you additional air in the plant, additional screen area to run the seed over and removes a large portion of the foreign material before it gets to your fine cleaner. This in turn allows you to set your next machines more precisely. In addition to being able to set it more precisely, you have already done a portion of cleaning, therefore allowing you to push the next machines a little bit faster as they have less work to do.

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