How Important are Cimbria De-Stoners to a Food Grade Processing Line?

Cimbria Heid De-Stoners or dry stoners as they are sometimes called are a very important piece to a food grade processing line. They are designed to separate impurities by weight similar to a gravity separator.

Cimbria Dry Stoner
Cimbria de-stoner

An outside air source providing the required amount of air based on table and capacity size is crucial to the operation of the machine. The air source will help “lift” the good product on the table causing the separation. Lighter material will flow to the top while heavier pieces will stay on the bottom. Here, they will stay in contact with the rubber coated vibrating deck.

Cimbria Dry Stoner

The vibrating deck will help move the heavier products up the inclination to the stone trap while the lighter material will stay on top of the heavy product and flow downhill to the acceptable product discharge.

I have recently been in different food plants where the destoners have played a very important role in their cleaning line for food safety. It will also help in keeping other pieces of machinery working properly by not being damaged with stones.

In one instance, a location that milled wheat with grinding wheels was needing to replace their grinding wheels due to damage being caused by small stones in their sample. These grinding stones could cost upwards of $50,000. By having a destoner in the line, it prevented them from having to make these costly repairs and suffering through down time in the plant.

stones in a hand

Another plant that recently installed a Cimbria Heid de-stoner was finding out that they were getting out more impurities than just stones. They clean a number of different commodities such as oats, barley, corn, cereal rye, spelt, and triticale. Their grains need to be extremely clean as they go to bakeries to be used in human food production. The destoner was able to remove stones, mudballs, small pieces of metal and even pellets that are used for animal feed. The pellets likely were in the corner of a truck that wasn’t cleaned properly before delivering the product to this mill.

Cimbria Dry Stoner
Cimbria de-stoner

Having the necessary pieces in your cleaning line are extremely important to provide the highest level of food safety for your customers as possible. A de-stoner is one of those important pieces.

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Dennis Roth of Nexeed Inc.
Dennis Roth

Territory Manager - Ontario

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